Modernizing Train Control at Rotterdam Central Station with HIMA and Movares

Modernizing Train Control at Rotterdam Central Station with HIMA and Movares

Modernizing Train Control at Rotterdam Central Station with HIMA and Movares

  • Collaboration and Contract Signing:
    The HIMA Group has secured a contract with Movares, a prominent infrastructure and rail engineering firm, to implement an advanced electronic interlocking system at Rotterdam Central Station. This project involves replacing the existing Electronic Interlocking System (EBS) with HIMA's Programmable Interlocking System (IXL). The collaboration marks another significant milestone for HIMA, underscoring two decades of successful partnership with Movares.

  • Technological Advancements and Benefits:
    The transition to HIMA IXL technology aims not only to enhance safety but also to improve system availability, flexibility, and drastically reduce life cycle costs. This upgrade spans ten relay houses in Rotterdam, promising increased safety not only for the station itself but also for its surrounding railway stations.

  • Safety and Efficiency Improvements:
    According to Robert Claasen, CEO of Movares, the project signifies more than just technological enhancement; it represents a substantial improvement in the safety and reliability of train operations at one of Europe's busiest railway hubs, Rotterdam Centraal.

  • Proven Success and Scalability:
    The adoption of HIMA's Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, based on the HIMax safety system, builds on previous successes in Dutch railway infrastructure projects like Santpoort-Noord. Here, ProRail reduced life cycle costs by 30% compared to traditional relay systems, owing to open technology that minimizes vendor lock-in and facilitates easier maintenance and upgrades. The scalability of the IXL system ensures suitability across various railway applications, large and small, and its integration capabilities with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) further enhance its utility.

  • Commitment to Safety and Innovation:
    Josse Brys, Sales Director Europe & Africa at HIMA, emphasizes that the project reinforces their dedication to ensuring the safety and reliability of the Dutch railway system, benefiting thousands of daily commuters. The collaboration between HIMA and Movares continues to set standards in railway safety and innovation, driven by their shared commitment to excellence.

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