ICS Triplex

ICS Triplex, formerly an independent company before its acquisition by Rockwell Automation in 2007, specialized in providing critical control and safety solutions for process industries. Their focus centered on the development, delivery, and maintenance of systems designed for high availability and fault-tolerant applications.

Key offerings from ICS Triplex included:

  1. Industrial control systems: These specialized computer systems were utilized to manage various aspects of industrial processes. Notably, their fault-tolerant systems were engineered to withstand failures without disrupting critical operations, ensuring uninterrupted production.

  2. Safety solutions: ICS Triplex provided measures aimed at preventing accidents and injuries within industrial environments, emphasizing safety and reliability as paramount concerns.

Their clientele predominantly hailed from process industries such as chemical, oil & gas, and power generation, where stringent safety standards and operational reliability are imperative.

Although ICS Triplex is now integrated into Rockwell Automation, the legacy of their products continues to be supported. Rockwell Automation offers maintenance and support for existing ICS Triplex systems, as well as upgrade options to assist customers in modernizing their industrial control and safety solutions.

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