Yokogawa I/O Module

Yokogawa I/O modules are electronic devices used to interface between field devices and Yokogawa's control systems. They act as translators, converting signals from sensors and transmitters (analog or digital) into a format understandable by the control system and vice versa.

There are two main types of Yokogawa I/O modules:

  • Analog I/O modules: These handle analog signals like voltage or current, commonly used in process industries to represent physical quantities like temperature, pressure, or flow rate.

  • Digital I/O modules: These handle digital signals, such as on/off signals from limit switches or pushbuttons.

Yokogawa offers a wide variety of I/O modules tailored to different applications. Factors to consider when choosing an I/O module include:

  • Signal type (analog or digital)
  • Number of input and output channels
  • Voltage or current range for analog signals
  • Sink or source capability for digital signals
  • Required level of isolation between input and output circuits

Yokogawa I/O modules are typically mounted in racks or cabinets, providing protection and organization. These racks and cabinets also house the power supplies and communication interfaces required for the I/O modules to function.

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