Yokogawa CPU Module

Yokogawa CPU modules are the central processing units that power your industrial automation system. Imagine them as the intelligent core, receiving data from sensors, making critical decisions based on your control program, and sending instructions to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • The Heart of Control: Yokogawa CPU modules process data from sensors and transmitters, analyze it in real-time, and make control decisions based on your program logic. They're the workhorses behind automated processes in various industries.
  • Power Up Your Process: Yokogawa offers a range of CPU modules with varying processing power, memory capacity, and communication capabilities. This flexibility ensures you have the right fit for your specific application, whether it's a small-scale machine control or a large-scale plant operation.
  • A Family of Options: Popular Yokogawa CPU module families include the STARDOM series for complex automation tasks and the CENTUM VP series for large-scale process control systems.
  • Choose Wisely: Selecting the right CPU module requires careful consideration. Think about the complexity of your control program, the number of devices you need to connect, the processing speed required, and the communication protocols you'll use.
  • Built-in Smarts: Yokogawa CPU modules often come with additional features like redundancy for system reliability, built-in diagnostics for easy troubleshooting, and robust security measures to protect against cyber threats.

By choosing the right Yokogawa CPU module, you equip your industrial automation system with a powerful and reliable brain, ensuring smooth operation and optimal control.

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