Bailey INFI 90 & Net 90

The Bailey INFI 90 and Net 90 are integral components of a Distributed Control System (DCS) developed by Bailey Controls, later acquired by ABB in 1998. Here's a breakdown of their respective roles within the DCS:

Bailey Infi 90 (INFI 90):

  • Core Processing Element: INFI 90 serves as the central processing unit of the DCS, housing Multi-Function Processors (MFPs) responsible for executing control strategies, acquiring data, and facilitating communication with other system components.
  • Decision-Making Hub: Comparable to the brain of the DCS, INFI 90 analyzes incoming data and orchestrates control actions based on predefined algorithms and logic. It plays a crucial role in regulating processes and ensuring operational efficiency.

Bailey Net 90 (Net 90):

  • Communication Network: Net 90 functions as the communication backbone that links various devices within the DCS. It enables seamless data exchange between MFPs in INFI 90, Input/Output (I/O) devices such as sensors and actuators, and operator consoles.
  • Data Transmission Pathway: Analogous to the nervous system of the DCS, Net 90 facilitates the transmission of signals and data between different system components. It ensures timely and accurate communication, enhancing the system's overall responsiveness and effectiveness.

In summary, Bailey Infi 90 serves as the central processing unit, responsible for decision-making and control logic execution, while Bailey Net 90 acts as the communication network, facilitating data exchange between different components of the DCS. Together, they form a robust and efficient system for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

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