GE Fanuc RX7i PACSystem

The Emerson GE Fanuc RX7i is a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) belonging to the PACSystems family by GE. It's designed for complex applications that require a high density of input/output (I/O) points.

Here are some key features of the GE Fanuc RX7i:

  • Powerful Processors: Equipped with either Intel Celeron 300MHz or Pentium III 700MHz CPUs, enabling fast program execution.
  • Universal Programming Environment: Offers a single programming platform for various hardware within the PACSystems family, simplifying development and migration across systems.
  • High-Density I/O Support: Can handle a large number of I/O devices, making it suitable for complex applications.
  • PROFINET Support: Enables connection to a variety of I/O devices while maintaining performance and functioning well in noisy environments.

Current Status:

While the RX7i was a powerful PAC in its time, it's considered a legacy product by GE and is no longer in production. However, you might still find them in operation around the world.


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