ABB H&B Freelance 2000 Control Series

The ABB H&B Freelance 2000 Control Series is a distributed control system (DCS) developed by Hartmann & Braun (H&B), which was later acquired by ABB. It was designed for precise control and automation of processes in various industries.

The Freelance 2000 system consists of several components, including:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Input/Output (I/O) modules
  • Communication modules
  • Operator workstations

These components are connected together via a communication network. The CPU is the brains of the system, responsible for executing control programs and communicating with other devices. I/O modules provide the interface between the DCS and the physical process, allowing the system to read sensor signals and send control signals to actuators. Communication modules enable the DCS to communicate with other control systems and devices. Operator workstations provide a graphical interface for monitoring and controlling the process.

The Freelance 2000 was a popular DCS in its time, but it is now considered a legacy system. ABB has since introduced newer DCS products, such as the ABB System 800xA. However, there are still many Freelance 2000 systems in operation around the world, and support for the system is still available from some vendors.

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