Emerson's DeltaV is a popular distributed control system (DCS) provided by Emerson. DCS is a computer-based system used for automating operations in complex industrial processes.

Some key components of the DeltaV system include:

  • DeltaV Station: This is the central processing unit (CPU) of the system. It is responsible for collecting data from field devices, executing control logic, and communicating with other systems.
  • DeltaV I/O: This is the interface between the DeltaV system and field devices. I/O modules convert signals from sensors and actuators into formats that the DeltaV system can understand.
  • DeltaV Operate: This is the human-machine interface (HMI) of the DeltaV system. It allows operators to monitor and control processes, as well as access historical data and trends.
  • DeltaV System Manager: This is a software application used for configuring and managing the DeltaV system.

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