Foxboro I/O Card FBM-

A Foxboro I/O card, also known as a Fieldbus Module (FBM), is an essential component in a Foxboro Distributed Control System (DCS). It acts as an interface between the DCS and field devices like sensors and actuators, enabling them to communicate and exchange data.

There are two main types of Foxboro I/O cards:

  1. Standard I/O: These cards are designed for specific signal types, such as analog inputs, analog outputs, discrete inputs, and discrete outputs. Each card typically handles a single signal type.

  2. Universal I/O: These cards offer more flexibility as they can be configured to handle various signal types, including analog, digital, and HART® signals. This eliminates the need for multiple cards for different signal types, simplifying system design and maintenance.

Foxboro I/O cards are mounted on baseplates, which provide a platform for organizing and supporting these modules within the DCS cabinet. The specific type of baseplate used depends on the number and type of I/O cards required for the application.

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