Foxboro Baseplate

A Foxboro baseplate is a fundamental component utilized in the Foxboro Distributed Control System (DCS), an industrial automation system. Its primary function is to serve as a mounting platform for other Foxboro devices, such as:

  1. Fieldbus modules (FBMs): These modules facilitate communication between the DCS and field devices like sensors and actuators.

  2. Communication adapters: These adapters establish connections between the FBMs and the Foxboro Evo Control Network, the communication backbone of the DCS.

There exist different types of Foxboro baseplates, each offering varying features and functionalities:

  1. Compact 200 Series Baseplate: Designed for space efficiency, this option is suitable for mounting on DIN rails or racks. It supports both simplex and redundant configurations for FBMs.

  2. Standard 200 Series Baseplate: This type provides support for a single or redundant pair of FCP280s (Field Control Processor), in addition to communication adapters.

  3. Vertical Baseplate: Available in various slot configurations (e.g., 8 slots), these baseplates are specifically designed for vertical mounting.

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