HIMA Other Series

HIMA offers various modules to expand the functionality of its safety controllers. Apart from redundancy and diagnostic modules, here are some examples:

Communication Modules:

  • HIMatrix CM4 Ethernet Communication Module: Supports protocols like Modbus TCP/IP, EtherCAT, and PROFINET for communication with other systems.
  • HIMatrix CM2 Serial Communication Module: Supports serial protocols like RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 for communication with other systems.

Expansion I/O Modules:

  • HIMatrix I/O 16DI Digital Input Module: Provides 16 digital input channels for connecting switches, sensors, etc.
  • HIMatrix I/O 16DO Digital Output Module: Provides 16 digital output channels for controlling indicators, relays, etc.
  • HIMatrix I/O 8AI Analog Input Module: Provides 8 analog input channels for connecting voltage, current, etc.
  • HIMatrix I/O 8AO Analog Output Module: Provides 8 analog output channels for outputting voltage, current, etc.

Special Function Modules:

  • HIMatrix MC4 Motion Control Module: Used for controlling servo motors, stepper motors, etc.
  • HIMatrix PID4 PID Control Module: Used for implementing PID control functions.

Other Modules:

  • HIMatrix PS4 Power Supply Module: Provides power to the system.
  • HIMatrix EB4 Expansion Backplane: Used to expand the system's I/O capacity.

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