Triconex I/O Module

Triconex I/O modules serve as the interface between a Triconex safety instrumented system (SIS) and the process, facilitating data collection from sensors and sending control signals to actuators.

These modules come in various types, including analog input, analog output, digital input, and digital output modules, each tailored to interface with specific sensors or actuators.

Typically installed in either a fieldbus cabinet or a marshalling cabinet, these modules are connected to the SIS through a backplane, which provides power and communication to them.

Key features of Triconex I/O modules:

  • Facilitate data collection from sensors and control signal transmission to actuators for the SIS.
  • Available in various types to cater to different sensor and actuator interfaces.
  • Typically installed in fieldbus or marshalling cabinets.
  • Connected to the SIS via a backplane, which supplies power and communication.
  • Integral components of an SIS, ensuring safe process shutdown in emergencies.

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