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The General Electric DS200LDCCG1A is a base-level control board from the Mark V series, designed to control GE’s DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 exciters and drives. This board serves as a drive control and LAN communications board (LDCC).


  • Primary Role: Provides drive and I/O controls for GE exciters and drives.
  • Drive Control: Facilitates the efficient control of the drive mechanisms within the exciters and drives.
  • LAN Communications: Enables robust network communications within the control system.


The DS200LDCCG1A is equipped with four specialized microprocessors, each dedicated to specific control and processing tasks:

  1. Drive Control Processor (DCP) at Position U₁

    • Primary Function: Integrates various I/O peripherals crucial for drive control.
    • Additional Features: Includes timers and decoders necessary for precise drive operations and coordination with other system components.
  2. Motor Control Processor (MCP) at Position U₂₁

    • Primary Function: Manages motor control circuitry.
    • I/O Communications: Facilitates both analog and digital I/O communications, ensuring accurate motor operations and feedback.
  3. Co-Motor Processor (CMP) at Position U₃₅

    • Primary Function: Handles advanced mathematical computations.
    • Use Case: Employed when complex calculations are required, enhancing the system's computational capability and accuracy.


  • Exciter Control: Manages the excitation systems in power generation units.
  • Drive Control: Provides precise control and monitoring of drives in various industrial applications.
  • Network Communication: Ensures seamless communication within the control network, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the system.
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What is the warranty period?
We offer a standard one-year warranty for all new and original items.
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